One Horton Heath sets ambition – Masterplan and first new homes plans submitted

12th January 2021

Our new Masterplan outline and first new homes plans were accepted by the local planning authority for consideration on 10th January 2021. One Horton Heath is a major mixed-use development in the heart of the borough, to the west of the present Horton Heath village, and is the largest Council-led project in the south.

The plans for the 310-acre site, which will be developed over a 10-year period, include 2500 new homes of which 35% will be affordable, a new local centre, 3 form primary school, 7 acres of employment, 7 acres of mixed use retail and 125 acres of undeveloped open space, including formal open space and play provision.

Our first new homes application provides detailed plans for 393 new homes, to include a mix of houses and apartments, and underpins the Council’s commitment to fast-track delivery to meet the local housing need.
A yearlong consultation with local stakeholders and the community was undertaken to help shape the development in a way that most benefits the local area and existing community of Horton Heath.

Our work with the community included a 13-session Local Development Forum programme and two public consultation periods in autumn of 2020 and has resulted in proposals which truly reflect the aspirations of the Borough.

The applications are one of the most comprehensive ever developed by the Council, through the in-house One Horton Heath project team, and a key step in realising the One Horton Heath ambition.

The Council, in its role as Local Planning Authority, will now formally consider the proposals and anyone wishing to comment can do so via the online planning register. Anyone interested in finding out more about the proposed Masterplan and first new homes can view application details here.