Council submits Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Request for Horton Heath

1st May 2020

Eastleigh Borough Council has submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Request for their One Horton Heath to help ensure the highest environmental standards for the new development.  

The EIA scoping request is required under EU Law as a technical part of the pre-application process and ensures that environmental issues are at the forefront of the planning process. However, it is NOT a planning application or a proposal for the size/ scale of development or a process to determine any part of the development proposal.

Key environmental issues that will be included in the assessment as part of a scoping request are climate change, air quality, traffic and transport, ecology, flood risk, drainage and noise.

To submit a Scoping Request a developer must suggest the amount of development to be considered. When the actual size of a planned development is not known, as is the case at present, it is normal practice to build-in some extra capacity be certain that the EIA scoping request is adequate. However, this is not a reflection of the size of proposed development. The actual size of the development, including the number of houses and other buildings to be created, will be determined through the proper design process, through consultation, and finally through the Planning Application process.

The Scoping Request can be viewed on the Council's website using reference V/20/87717.