Council sets aims for self-delivery of new homes at Horton Heath

12th July 2019

The Council acquired 310 acres of land at Horton Heath in 2018. The site includes land at Chalcroft Farm and land west of Horton Heath in Burnett’s Lane, as well as land at Fir Tree Farm and Victoria Farmhouse, in Fir Tree Lane.

As both landowner and developer, the Council can ensure that new homes are delivered alongside the provision of the right infrastructure which will include roads, a school, local centre and open spaces and can focus on the creation of an excellent place to live.

The aims focus on the delivery of homes which meet local need and demand, including that of an ageing population, protecting and enhancing the environment, encouraging health and wellbeing and contributing to the local economy. Some of the key aims of the new development include:

  • Ensuring access to open space and a good network for walking and cycling both within and to and from the site
  • Designed to reduce water consumption
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment
  • Ensuring the new community is well integrated with the existing village of Horton Heath
  • Providing an environment to encourage greater social and community interaction
  • Well-designed education facilities

Council Leader Cllr Keith House says, ‘We are taking a proactive approach to delivering much needed homes and by self-delivering we can ensure that all the aspects of this exciting development, that are important to the local community, are delivered and to a high standard. These aims confirm that our focus is on place and people and not about profit.’