Footpath To Local Centre
Our approach

At Eastleigh Borough Council, we believe healthy, prosperous and sustainable lifestyles start at home. 

That’s why we play an active role in the Borough’s development schemes, buying land and partnering with private sector developers. When private developers can’t deliver, we step up to increase our involvement. 

One Horton Heath is the next chapter in our development journey. When the private sector pulled out, we stepped in as landowner and master developer.  

Without private sector challenges, our team of experts have the freedom to develop differently, pursuing innovative, sustainable methods and prioritising community benefits. 

One Horton Heath Difference

Here are some of the ways One Horton Heath will be planned and delivered differently. 

Investing in our community 

While we’re commercially minded, we’re not driven by the same profit margins as the private sector. This gives us more capacity to invest in roads, cycleways, footpaths and community spaces. 

It also means we can build the homes our community needs. We’re committing to 35% affordable housing, while also providing homes to buy and rent at market value. 

Alongside homes, One Horton Heath will feature a new primary school, business space, community centre and play areas - new places for current and future Horton Heath residents to learn, shop and play. 

Green innovation 

Our passionate team blends private sector and Council talent. Together, we’re pursuing new processes, technologies and products to build faster, smarter and with less impact on the environment. 

We’re designing a brand-new standard of home to high sustainability standards, while investigating renewable energy sources and pioneering wastewater reduction techniques. 

Crucially, we’ll enable people to live healthy, sustainable lifestyles. That means providing new cycleways and footpaths to connect the development and its surroundings. 

Living with nature 

We want to protect local wildlife and preserve Horton Heath’s character as much as possible. Our ambition is that One Horton Heath will create a net gain in biodiversity. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with ecologists to tell us how we can protect natural habitats, green open spaces and invest in the site’s waterways.  

Infrastructure first 

We’ll be providing new roads, utilities, a school, play parks and open spaces before or alongside the building of homes. New access roads will help to stop construction vehicles from clogging up existing routes and will be ready for new occupants to use straight away.  

Working with the local people 

We’re working with community leaders to help us understand residents’ needs to help shape the development. Our development forum programme plays an active role in feeding back into the ongoing design process. 

Throughout the development process, we're committed to making a positive difference to people’s lives. By creating new skilled jobs and providing training and career development.