Up and coming works

The latest planned works taking place in the near future

Southern area of the site 

Mildren Construction - Infrastructure segment 1

  • Location:  Sections on Bubb Lane and Burnetts Lane. Traffic management will be in place during stages of construction. 
  • Reason: Construction of two new roundabouts and a new link road between Bubb Lane and Burnetts Lane. 
  • Action period: From 8 June 2020 to Summer 2021.
  • Visit the One Horton Heath - Mildren Construction community site to find out more about the latest planned works underway and how to contact the team.

Bubb Lane (B3342)- Traffic management

  • Location:  Bubb Lane (B3342).  
  • Reason: Final  surfacing  to the footpath in the area adjacent to the new Bubb Lane roundabout (Permit number: RJ506971.1.1.)
  • Action period: 31 August to 2 September 2021
  • Advance notice 2-way controlled traffic lights will be in operation.

Field investigation work

  • Location: Sections of the field located north of the new Burnetts Lane roundabout adjacent to Burnetts Lane. 
  • Reason: Archaeological fieldwork and ground investigation works. These works will include machine trenching.
  • Action period: From late August for an estimated period of seven weeks.