First New Homes

Making a home for everyone

Our first 393 new homes, including affordable housing,  will realise the ambition to deliver a higher quality of housing for the local community.

 Designed to be a combination of modern design and character detail, paying particular attention to sustainability and wellbeing, our emerging home plans aren't just plans, they show what it will be to live, work and play at One Horton Heath. 

Explore our character areas in the first new homes on the development to the south and learn how they respond to the surrounding area. 

The Roughets 

The Roughets are small clusters of new homes set up around  farm-type courtyard spaces responding to the character of the existing home on Burnetts Lane.

Sketch Roughets View

The Acre

The Acre contains an acre of green open space at the heart of the first new homes. This Acre reflects our strategy for the whole of One Horton Heath by putting high quality public realm within a short and safe walk of every front door.

Sketch Acre View

The Tolls

Facing Tollbrook watercourse the Tolls is an attractive run of homes that frame high quality car-free cycling and walking routes

Sketch Tolls View

Cycle Greenway

Running north from The Acre towards the Local Centre the Cycle Greenway is a segregated cycle and pedestrian lane that captures the sustainable ethos of One Horton Heath.

Greenway Sketch

View all plans and documents, and make comments on the Local Planning Authority online planning register using reference O/20/89498  and F/20/89500. 

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